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Kitchen MP

posted February 12, 2018

84, rue Mouffetard

75005 Paris


Metro Station: Censier-Daubenton (Line 7)

Type of cuisine: French

Days & hours of operation: Tues - Wed 10:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Thurs - Sat 10:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Sun 10:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Credit card: Visa, Mastercard

A handsome restaurant for light fare on rue Mouffetard

Kitchen MP opened sometime in 2015, but we waited until just recently to stop in for lunch.  The modern interior sports a black ceiling, Edison lamps, and black trim around the wide windows that extend the width of the dining room.  With bare-stone walls, a floor composed of large black-and-white tiles, and seating around white-marble table tops, this small restaurant exudes stylish ambiance.  While we settled in to study the menu, we each ordered a glass of champagne.

The champagne, Paul Augustin Brut Jonquery, was pale gold in color with lots of fizz.  We both declared that it expressed notes of Granny Smith apple.  Quite nice!

The menu
There is no fixed-price menu here.  We ordered à la carte. There were five choices for starters, nine choices for main courses, and seven for desserts.  The beverage menu offers fruit juices, soft drinks, cider, beer, and wine by the glass.

The starter
The waiter advised us to split a starter, but we pressed forward, unaware of how copious they were.  I opted for the Rillettes de thon à la ricotta, herbes fraîches & pain Poilâne.  I received a platter containing a small canning jar full of shredded tuna mixed with ricotta cheese and fresh herbs, and slices of toasted raisin and country bread furnished by Poilâne bakery. Rillettes are a meat spread, and generally they are fatty, but in this case the tuna fish tasted lean. A quartered head of endive and a tiny pitcher of olive oil were served alongside. 

My partner ordered Saint Félicien & Pain Poilâne and was served a platter containing a dish of runny Saint-Félician cow’s-milk cheese, slices of toasted raisin and country bread, a quartered head of sucrine, and a wedge of endive.  The cheese was tangy and salty and tasted great spread on the toasted slices of pain Poilâne.  A stick of butter, wrapped like a candy roll, was served alongside, but we couldn’t see the need for it, as the cheese was amply fatty. 

Both of us were quite content with these generous starters.  Indeed, they would have been enough for a light lunch, but we had already ordered the main courses, so we waited for the next serving.

The main course
The dish that I ordered had the intriguing name Avocat au four doré soja, feta & pousses d’épinards, Toast au Jambon blanc Italien.  The waiter served a plate containing a mixed-green salad upon which rested thin slices of toast surmounted by two avocado halves and crumbly feta cheese.  The avocados were warm and they and the feta cheese had been drizzled in soy sauce.  I tucked into this delicious dish in spite of having just finished the rather filling starter.  The avocados were perfectly ripe and the toast provided crunchy counterpoint.

My partner opted for the Quiche du jour, a large triangular slice of green-bean, carrot, sweet-potato quiche made with Emmental and Mozzarella cheeses.  Served with a lightly-dressed mesclun salad, it was fresh, colorful, and tasty.

The beverage
For the beverage accompaniment, my partner ordered a glass of Dolcetto d’Alba Piani Noce 2015, a dry, tannic, peppery, opaque red wine with subtle animal notes from Italy.  As our server had indicated, it went well with the quiche.

The dessert
We both ordered a slice of Carrot cake for dessert.  Dense, moist, chock full of chopped pecans and covered with cream-cheese frosting, it was a delightful end to a fine meal.

The bill
The bill for two, including two glasses of champagne, one glass of wine, two starters, two main courses, two desserts, and one espresso, came to 108.00€.

The service
The service was friendly and helpful.  The waiter eagerly responded to our questions about various ingredients in our dishes.  Some of the condiments that are sold at the restaurant were incorporated into them, such as the caramel de soja that was drizzled on the toast served with my main course.

The ambiance
While we dined, the music of Marvin Gaye and other performers played over the sound system.  The ambiance was pleasant and relaxing.

Travelers to Paris seeking a light lunch or light meal will find fresh, delicious fare at Kitchen MP on rue Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement.  The street itself is a great market street to explore on any day except Sunday afternoon and Monday, when most of the stores are closed.

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