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Paris Insights - An Anthology: Review by Gracey Hitchcock

Paris Insight - An Anthology is not a guidebook in the usual sense; it is richer. Tom Reeves’s collection of short essays directs you to the “jewels” of the magical city of Paris. He packs his writing with cultural details and insights into Parisian life, as he directs you to intimate eating spots, fascinating shops, and tucked-away churches and neighborhoods. Along the way, this book’s fascinating historical anecdotes and helpful tips will help you will enjoy Paris even more than you would on your own. The slim volume, also on Kindle, is beautifully illustrated. This is a perfect Father’s Day gift for travelling dads.

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Meet the Author - Tom Reeves

Tom Reeves, author of Paris InsightsTom Reeves - author of Paris Insights - An Anthology and Dining Out in Paris - What You Need to Know before You Get to the City of Light


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