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Paris Insights - An Anthology: Review by Joanna Daneman

My first trip to Paris was in 1976 and my last visit was on May Day of 2000. Each trip has been different--but in every case, I usually walk the city and choose sites from a literary standpoint rather than being a regular tourist. Despite having traveled far and wide, my visits to Paris stand out because I've always wandered the city on foot, seeking to see the real city behind the tourist glaze.

This book really helps you if you, like me, like to visit Paris from a different viewpoint. There are articles on getting a great cup of hot chocolate, on drinking tea (and let me tell you that tea in Paris tastes different; we're still remarking on a simple cup of tea we had years ago somewhere near the Place Vendome.) Each essay highlights a side of the city not visible from the tour bus.

These are articles on the hidden sides of Paris that you'd have to comb magazine articles or quirky television travelogues to even get a hint about. There are interesting photos; this is like someone's secret guide to Paris.

My opinion? This is the only way to visit Paris--pick something of interest to you and seek out the hidden and the "real"--so if you are planning a trip and want to do anything more than just seeing the Louvre, the Musee D'Orsay and the Eiffel Tower, I'd advise you to read "Paris Insights" first.

– Joanna Daneman, Top Ten reviewer

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